About Us

Hello, it's nice to have you here. I am John Fáwọlé, a Blockchain Content Marketer. In the next couple of paragraphs, I'd be telling you a bit about myself and how I can ship your blockchain project into limelight with result-driven content marketing strategies.
I have two distinct personalities that help me in generating results for my blockchain clients - I am both a blockchain native and content marketing expert. As a blockchain native, I have—among other things—interacted with various DeFi protocols and exchanges. Sometimes, when I am less busy, I grind for NFT WL on Discord - I have two WL spots at the moment of writing (winks).
It is safe to say that I have immersed myself into every activity in this ecosystem. Why am I telling you this? The reason is simple:
You'd agree with me that no one can write about what he neither knows nor understands. Whenever I write about anything relating to blockchain, I write with hands-on experience. That makes me connect faster with the readers and provide top-tier value.

Now, let's move on to my experience as a content marketing expert. First, when I call myself an expert, I don't mean to brag. But let's face it, I'm damn good at what I do, so it's simply the truth!
I started my marketing career when I worked at a Digital Marketing Agency as an in-house content marketer for almost a year. From there, I have contributed to the content marketing campaigns of various projects like Xbullion, NFTify, and Ekoios Technologies.

My values

So far in my career, I have mastered the art of writing high-quality content that informs and converts. This is what separates me in marketing, I know how to;

      Meet each of your prospective users where they are

      Give them robust value

     Send them this psychological truth that your product is the best

     Turn them into your addicted fans

     Make them use your products consistently - not just mere s