As a person, I have come to know from experience that marketing any blockchain project—crypto exchange, protocol, NFT project, Metaverse project, or a DAO—requires strategic planning.
Therefore, I have a few layers of services that you'd need each or a couple of them to ship your project to the public and increase your trading volume.
My team and I can help you with these:

Content Marketing & Strategy

Content marketing is essential to increase both your visibility and revenues. We don't just write our pieces of content haphazardly. Foremost, we consult with you to know what you're building, then we build a working content strategy and roadmap.
At the strategy stage, we research and bring out the topics that your project should address so it can speak to the right audience. Similarly, we carry out intensive SEO research so you'd also be on good terms with the search engines.
When these are in place, we proceed to write your content. As blockchain geeks ourselves, we would write these thought-leadership pieces content to carry abundance of value.
There is more to the actual writing process, but I'd spare you that… After this stage, our editorial team will look over the content with an eagle-eye and make sure it is insightful and excellent.
Do you think we'd leave you here? Definitely not. Our Analytics Team will help you monitor the growth of the content on the search engine. Our Content Distribution Team will be putting up your pieces of content on the faces of your audience.
These are the pieces of content we will help you build:
1. Blog posts
2. Whitepapers
3. Documentations
4. Ultimate guides
5. Newsletters

Media & Communications

If you have been in the blockchain space for quite some time, you'd agree with me that for any project to experience an actual growth, it needs to maintain the finesse of communicating with the public.
As a brand, you need to push your stories to get the attention that you require and also keep your users updated on important issues.
Having worked as a blockchain journalist for one year, I understand the nuances of publishing reports to push your narratives and gain a wider appeal.
We have robust partnerships with reputable websites like PR Newswire, The Block Crypto, Hackernoon, and other widely read websites in the band appealing image before the public.

Community Management

It is an open secret that the community is the backbone of any project - no doubt about that. Majority of DAOs, NFT projects, and crypto exchanges are big because they maintain close connections with their users.
As someone who has built communities from the ground up, I know various community management strategies to get engagement.
I will keep your community active as I host different AMAs and events. I will also serve as your Customer Success personnel as I'd be putting your users through whenever they hit a roadblock in the course of using your products.
Thereby enhancing user experience.
More importantly, I would make your users feel at home in the community and also get to meet themselves. That's how top-tier communities are born.
What are the platforms I'd use to manage your community? Discord and or Telegram.

Social media management

This is the age of social media when people spend the larger chunk of their time on Twitter, IG, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. Therefore, that is the best channel to meet your prospective users where they are.
First, I believe so much in organisation and structure because they help me to get the results.
Thus, I'd help you to draw out a social media calendar to streamline your efforts and also be in sync with your overall marketing goals for the quarter.
Furthermore, we will research your users to know the exact social media platforms to engage with you.
Basically, we help people work with Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let's leverage the power of social media for you!

What next???

Mail us now with the services that you want so we can get to tell you the cost and eventually sign a contract to start working together!