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An Independent Technical Content Marketer (Web3, Crypto, and SaaS)

Technical Content Lead

Web3 and SaaS Technical Writer
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Welcome to my home on the internet, I am John Fawole. You most likely have read some of my technical content and watched my video tutorials. I am good at something:
helping technical startups increase their revenue with content…


Technical Documentation

from 999 USD

If you want more people to use your tool, then help them know exactly how to use it. I develop holistic documentation for technical products and protocols.

Technical Tutorials

from 999 USD

I write technical tutorials to show developers various things they can achieve with your tool.


from 999 USD

For crypto projects, people need to know in-depth about what your protocol or project is all about. I handle this excellently well.


I run a YouTube channel where I teach about development, technical content marketing, and startup building.

“I am the Technical Content Marketer you have been searching for. Heave a sigh of relief and send me a mail now.”

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