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I have seen a lot of blockchain projects with solid utilities that died in obscurity. At this point, founders have come to agree that what determines whether a project will fly isn't only its technical solutions, it rests more on… It rests more on marketing. This is the truth, ask anywhere. By the way, it's my pleasure to meet you. My name is John Fáwọlé, a Blockchain Content Marketer. What I do is to help projects multiply their revenues by leveraging content marketing.

Services we render.

Content Marketing & Strategy

Educate your prospective users with value-driven pieces of content, win their trust, and turn them to people who would use your products consistently.
These are the pieces of content we will help you build:
1. Blog posts
2. Whitepapers
3. Documentations
4. Ultimate guides
5. Newsletters

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Media & Communications

Take charge of how the public perceive your project, and carry them along by publishing your stories.
We do this by pushing out periodic press releases about:
1. The current state of your project
2. Your achievements - like a fundraising round
3. The way your project is giving back to the society, and
4. Arrange top-tier publications to cover your interviews and insights

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Community Management

The community is the backbone of any project. I know various community management strategies to get engagement.
My team members have hands-on experience in managing various Discord and Telegram communities.
We will:
1. Host events and AMAs
2. Answer any questions that your users may have
3. Organise various activities to keep your community members engaged throughout the week

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We will work with if you are building

contact us on our social media page if you are building the following

      A NFT project

      A crypto exchange

     A Dapp
      Sell any Blockchain based project

      Block chain development company

      NFT project

Get in Touch with us for more details.

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