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Yes, I know you're here because you want to know every necessary detail about this SEO content guy called John Fáwọlé. It's my pleasure to meet you. Could you please sit back while I satisfy your curiosity? Let's have some introduction with sprinkles of story. I am John, a Law undergraduate with interest in Intellectual Property Law(taste my academic writings here). Whenever I'm not writing, you'll alway see me reading a book or eating african swallows. As you can see, I have a buzzing flair for writing. But writing—for me—is beyond a hobby. You know, like the way we wrote fictions for fun in Junior School. It's safe to say that I started my writing journey then. Professionally, my writing journey started mid-last year when the Covid-19 lockdown shut down everywhere, including my University, and I was pretty much bored. That was how I stumbled on a Writing Masterclass that my mentor, John Àjàyí, organized. Being a prodigal son of writing before, I paid for the class and joined. Boom! That Masterclass was a turn around as I felt a sense of fulfillment with the way John was taking us through the dynamics of content creation. There and then, an irresistible love for writing came up in me. You know, like that feeling when you meet a gorgeous girl for the first time and you couldn't put her away from your mind when you get home. It was that deep. That surging love for expressing feelings through words is why I'm still here hitting my keyboard, to create something beautiful, every moment.

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What I Do.

I'm glad you're here to check my services and to see the one that suits you best. Remember that I know my onions in this industry, and I'll get you high-quality deliverables. This is your chance to collaborate with me so we can move your business to the next level through efficient content marketing strategies. I have simplified my content down to four parts:

Content Writing

I write well-researched, engaging, and value-driven SEO articles. I will write in your brand's voice and make you the friend of both humans and search engines.
And here are the niches that I cover:
1. self-improvement
2. digital marketing
3. B2B SaaS
4. Email marketing/cold mails
5. home improvement
6. transcription
7. academic technical

Website Copywriting

Do you plan to design and develop your website soon? Or you're a web development company looking to collaborate with a web copywriter?
I will carry out research and craft an amazing and SEO optimized:
1. Landing page
2. About page
3. Product Page
4. Services page

Ebook & Whitepaper

Publishing Whitepapers will posit you as an authority in your industry, and it's my joy to see you at the top. In case you also want to write an Ebook on any subject, I'll be glad to help.
I will do these for your project:
1. research
2. write
3. format
4. edit
5. proofread
6. design
And there you have it!

Social Media Management

Social media is the next big thing in the industry and leveraging it is a big win for your brand. It enhances visibility, engagements, and boosts sales.
I only handle Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. And I'm very good at that. Would you want me to handle your social media accounts? Here is what I will do:
1. understand your marketing goals and business culture
2. optimize your handles
3. draw out a content calendar
4. post amazing value-driven content consistently interact with your customers


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